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Malia’s Changing Looks

There are some excellent meta from cupidsbower [1,2,3] on how since we first met Malia there has been noticeable changes in her hair color, hair style, makeup, and clothes.

There has been several theories on them but I think in this case Occam’s razor is the answer.

Lydia is a queen of fashion and just like how she took Allison under her wing she has taken Kira, but especially Malia, under her wing as well.

Malia wants to fit in and belong so she just let’s Lydia do what she wants, but in stages. As for the red in her hair? It’s the sun. I have naturally dishwater blonde hair but in the sun I look like I have dark strawberry because I have reddish tints in my hair that show up through the sun’s rays.

Depending on the lighting and natural tints in your hair it can look blonder in some lights and redder in others.

tl;dr Lydia is a queen who requires that her retainers, Kira and Malia, be fashionable as well, so she teaches them how.

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A game of Never Have I Ever that takes a twist, and will leave you with chills at the end. 

that is not what i expected, woah

I thought this would be fun, but I got bitch slapped with life

watch and learn

It was fun and then I was slammed with reality.

Yep. At home, working on home work.

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Yep. At home, working on home work.

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Round 1: Division: Big Screen - End of Day 3 of Ultimate Slash Madness Tourney 2014

Round 1: Division: Big Guns - End of Day 3 of Ultimate Slash Madness Tourney 2014

Round 1: Division: Rising Stars - End of Day 3 of Ultimate Slash Madness Tourney 2014

Round 1: Division: Classics - End of Day 3 of Ultimate Slash Madness Tourney 2014

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Helping to hold down a beta werewolf isn’t the only time in this episode that Stiles shows that he’s stronger than he looks.

When Stiles grabs the lacrosse stick, Coach Finstock takes a step back as he tries to pull it out of Stiles’ grip.  But Stiles jerks it back, using both hands, and then continues to hold on to it one-handed while Finstock keeps trying to pull it away. It’s only when he uses both hands—and Stiles shifts his focus entirely to the photo—that he takes it away from Stiles.

Finstock outweighs Stiles, he’s pulling the stick at an upward angle, and he’s in a position to shift his weight significantly. Stiles’ underhand grip and Finstock’s leverage advantage as he stepped back should have made it easy to take back the lacrosse stick.  But maybe he wasn’t pulling too hard for fear of hurting Stiles.

I might buy that, if he weren’t clearly using his leverage to yank back hard on the stick with one hand while the other is clamped around Stiles’ wrist in such a way that his fingers are pressing down on the tendons in the fourth gif.  That should have a) loosened Stiles’ grip and b) allowed Finstock to push Stiles’ hand down the stick.  (DON’T.  I know you want to, but DON’T.  Because EUW.)

Yet even with that much advantage, Stiles not only pulls the stick back, he does it with one hand.

Somehow, Stiles’, “Better,” seems a little ominous, all of a sudden…

Well, there are a couple of ways we can look at this.

1. The new body that the Nogitsune created in order to separate himself from Stiles came with additional perks such as enhanced strength and possibly healing.

2. Stiles was never fully human to begin with and is something else that isn’t a shifter or a banshee.

3. A side effect of being sacrificed to the Nemeton and tying it to themselves. Scott is more calm and centered than before (Scott also only fully actualized himself as an Alpha AFTER the bath dip), Allison was more badass and on target as well, and Stiles was more connected to the spiritual realm all in the aftermath of being sacrificed to the Nemeton.

4. As the Avatar of the Nemeton/Emissary to the Pack Stiles gets perks in addition to his ability to do magic-like things with Mountain Ash that we’ve only seen Druids do.

5. A combination of some or all of the above.

"What's your thoughts on how all the keys so far have been closely tied to Lydia? Do you think the next key could be Jackson or Stiles or Stiles' real name?"

Asked by Anonymous




Jackson is a very good idea that it might be, the three people she has lost

but who knows what she’s lost? did she tell her mother?

although it being stiles real name would be interesting

I think it’s one way to look at things, but I don’t that is the connection.

Death is.

* Allison was killed by an Oni on the Nogitsune’s orders when she killed an Oni that was attacking Isaac.

* Aiden was killed by Oni on the Nogitsune’s orders when he was fighting to help get the Nemeton prison box to Scott.

They also seem to both start with the letter A but I think that is a coincidence.

The last name will be someone dead. More than likely killed by the Oni on the Nogitsune’s orders. I have a feeling it might be Noshiko’s old lover who was once possessed by the Nogitsune.

I also agree that Stiles will be on this list as well in the very last part. There will be a strange first name and a Stilinski last name and everyone will turn to him. ‘You, or your dad? Has to be you, right?’

My question is, how the fuck is this Benefactor knowing this shit? Is he/she psychic?

Also, where is Danny? I know people said that Jeff said his story had run out but I don’t trust that. Look at how much girl power and bonding we are seeing with Malia, Kira, and Lydia and we were told that wouldn’t happen.

I think the fact we aren’t seeing Danny is important. He KNEW about Ethan being a werewolf. He was a hacker and knows computer programs (he could have created the code) How much shit does he know? Is he The Benefactor?

P.S. Did anyone else get the feeling that Araya is an Argent? Possibly momma Argent? Or related to the Argent family in some form. Because they share the same family code not to mention there was a vibe of family drama and familiarity there.

OMG I KNOW WHO THE OTHER PACK IS!!! Remember the Japanese werewolf from the concentration camp!? The one with the headaches who played Go. I think she joined or created a new werewolf pack in the area. I think that’s where the Buddhist power of three mantra of ‘the sun, the moon, the truth’ is coming from too! What was her name?

The other wolf is satomi

but we knew that, it said it in the episode synopses

Yeah, but I ignore that stuff and the PR and the spoilers. I just focus on the episodes themselves.

Also, it’s another connection to the Nogitsune. This means the dead pool hunt might be tied in with the Nogitsune. Thus far 2/3 of the names used as codes for the cipher are Nogitsune victims.

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So people were questioning how Beacon Hills can be a city of 30,000 but be in a county of 500,000. Well, here is your answer.

In the U.S. our counties and cities have several ways to be run. There is county-strong and there is city-strong. Also the police force can be Sheriff-strong or City Police-strong. The government can also be mayor-strong, city manager-strong, or even city council-strong.

In my town we have several forces, the county sheriff, the city police, Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS), Constables, and the Texas Rangers, the FBI is situated in Victoria which is a relatively big city (45,000 pop) in a county of 80,000. We are city-strong and city police-strong as we are the biggest town in the county in addition to being the county seat as well as the other areas not necessarily being towns, more like hamlets that don’t reach 1,000 pop. Our city pop is 12,000+ with the county being 30k, I live near the city but outside the city limits (by about 6 miles) so the Sheriff, DPS, and Constables are our police force except the city police is always out here even if it isn’t technically their jurisdiction. Our fire department is the city’s but we do have a volunteer fire department run out of the precinct building for our part of the county.

Victoria is the epicenter for our metropolitan area because we are considered a multi-county region in economic development terms called The Golden Crescent/Crossroads area (with about a 300,000 pop in the region) because we are a hub of state, national, and international highways, airport, and shipping. We only a few hours away from about half a dozen major Texas cities (Corpus Christi, Austin, San Antonio, Houston, Dallas-Fort Worth, Laredo, etc) and we are the hub of where the majority of those highways 35, 77, 87, 59, etc connect.

Victoria as I said before is a city of 45,000+ residents and growing. We are one of the fastest growing areas in Texas right now. There are 2 public high schools, several public middle and elementary schools, and several magnent and private schools. In addition to that we have two colleges, a community college that is rated one of the top 25 in the state and a full university with several decorated graduate degree programs from business, science, to fine arts.

As for Beacon Hills being in Beacon County, California is a LOT more developed than my area. More than likely Beacon Hills is the county seat for Beacon County and this where ALL the government for the county is situated. Beacon Hills itself could have a relatively small city limit jurisdiction with a lot of people living on the outskirts of the city limits in County area.

In addition to that, depending on the SIZE of the county in terms of square millage it might be a bigger county in terms of land mass (see California County Maps at the top). We know that Beacon Hills has a nationally preserved forest that it is a part of so more than likely it is a part of North California (see California topographic maps at the top) and they tend to have bigger counties.

Depending on how big the county is there could be a dozen or more cities within that county. If you average them out to about 25-50k a piece then the 500,000 population for the county is not that big of a stretch. Especially, if like always, within the county there is a bigger population-wise city and it probably has a pop of 100,000k.

As for the desolation around Derek’s Loft and the abandoned mall, subways station, and so forth? Well California was hit especially hard by the mortgage crisis and The Great Recession.

In fact, California is STILL facing major economic repercussions from the mortgage crisis and the recession. So finding all of those abandoned areas in and around Beacon Hills and Beacon County is not all that surprising. In fact, there should be neighborhoods in which there are still for sale and foreclosure signs and areas in which buildings and houses were torn down to prevent them becoming drug and gang havens.

If you have any more questions on economic development, let me know. I just earned my Masters in Economic Development and Entrepreneurship.

For those who live in California I would greatly appreciate your input. Where do you think Beacon County is located and how big it is?

Very nice group of pictures there!!! I’m from Southern California myself, so my complete geography of the northern half of the state is limited to frequent visits to San Francisco, Oakland, and Stanford. But, I was talking about the location of Beacon HIlls with another California friend of mine who actually lives up in the San Fran area and we both came to the conclusion that Beacon Hills is somewhere around Shasta county, quite possibly at the foot, if not higher in Mount Shasta. Wikipedia did speak of some legends of the area of the lost Lemurian village. 

I’m sure everyone figured out that Beacon Hills was placed far north of San Francisco, which really is more Middle California than north, but no one ever really includes the area above Stanford when they talk about California in California or at least near L.A. It’s a bit ridiculous. And also the perfect place to have an imaginary town. 

As for how big it is, how do people outside of California measure cities or towns? Because I know while I went to school in Wisconsin, it was mostly measured by population size, but in California its by the city limits, population doesn’t really add matter in my neighborhood. 30,000 people would definitely be considered a town, probably about the size of Beverly Hills in terms of town limits. 

Yeah, Shasta was fitting in with what I was thinking, like Lassen, or Siskiyou because they both look pretty big in the sq mileage of the county size and that can help boost the pop because it allows more room for population growth and multiple cities within the county. But I’m from Texas so I was waiting for others who know the area better to tell me if I am right or wrong.

Well, I think it depends on the area and what the measure is for. Economically most people focus on population. It’s the biggest indicator of health of a county/area/region. If the population is growing then it means more people are staying, more people migrating to there, and/or more births which all shows economic stability. If the county is doing the opposite then that means there is something going on and economically the county is not doing well.

In the bigger cities I imagine it doesn’t matter much so they focus on city limits. Like if you live in the city you are doing better economically but in the county you aren’t or vice versa depending on where the area is at.

It looks like in Beacon Hills that if you have money you are living in the county where you have more land and can have bigger houses. Like how Lydia’s house’s backyard was connected to a forest that lead to the Hale House that is near the Preserve. That means they have money. While Scott and Stiles live in smaller houses in neighborhoods in the city limits which means less money, but not poverty.

Okay here’s a list of the counties going from the top of the State down with populations from 2010 Census.

Del Norte County - 28,610

Siskiyou County - 44,900

Modoc County - 9,686

Humboldt County - 134,623

Trinity County - 13,786

Shasta County - 177,233

Lassen County - 34,895

Tehama County - 63,463

Plumas County - 20,007

Mendocino County - 87,841

Glenn County - 28,122

Butte County - 220,000

Sierra County - 3,240

Lake County - 64,665

Colusa County, 21,419

Yuba County - 72,155

Nevada County - 98,764

Placer County - 348,432

Sutter County - 94,737

Sonoma County - 491,829

Napa County - 136,484

Yolo County - 200,849

El Dorado County - 181,058

Sacramento County - 1,418,788

Solano County - 413,344

Marin County - 252,409

Amador County - 38,091

Alpine County - 1,175

San Francisco County - 837,442

Contra Costa County - 1,049,025

San Joaquin County - 685,306

Calaveras County - 45,578

San Mateo County - 718,451

Alameda County - 1,510,271

Tuolumne County - 55,365

Santa Clara County - 1,718,642

Stanislaus County - 514,453

Mono County - 14,202

Mariposa County - 8,251

Merced County - 255,793

Santa Cruz County - 262,382

Madera County - 150,865

San Benito County - 55,269

Monterey County - 415,057

Fresno County - 930,450

Inyo County - 18,546

Tulare County - 442,179

Kings County - 150,181

San Luis Obispo County - 269,637

Kern County - 839,631

San Bernardino County - 2,035,210

Santa Barbara County - 423,895

Ventura County - 823,318

Los Angeles County - 9,818,605

Orange County - 3,010,232

Riverside County - 2,189,641

San Diego County - 3,095,313

Imperial County - 174,528

Taking all of this into account there is several ways that Jeff could have designed Beacon County off of. One, he chose one of the North counties with a pop near 500k and renamed it to not get sued. Two, he chose a county design (mountainous area and so forth) he liked but made up the pop. Or three, it’s not based off of one county but several mish-mashed together to give Beacon County its characteristics, Beacon Hills its weirdness, and the amount of population.

I am curious if the Sheriff’s department has a map of the county in the office or on its logo. It would be interesting to see if it matches up to any of the known California counties or if it is completely made up.

tl;dr It is absolutely within possible grounds for Beacon Hills to be a city of 30k and Beacon County be a pop of 500k.

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Season 1: Derek lost his family. Found his dead sister’s half body.

Season 2: Lets make Derek an Alpha but wait a bad one!

Season 3: Lets kill off Derek’s pack! Everybody blames him. Oh and he lost his alpha power too HAHA

Season 4: You know what? No more werewolf power for you, Derek cause your life suck and all. We think you’re better off being human.


Yeah, but isn’t it usually the HERO of the story who has all this shit happen to them? Why isn’t it Scott (the ‘star’ of the show) suffering and going through the stages of growth?

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Oh my god…I just, Adult Swim just had a bump that said

"Hey Marvel, guys, why not make a powerful female character from scratch? Instead of just putting boobs on a Norse God. That seems a bit more progressive."

I thought they were making a canon female character the new Thor and the current Thor LOSES his power (and name) because he is unworthy?

Round 1: Division: Big Screen - End of Day 2 of Ultimate Slash Madness Tourney 2014

Round 1: Division: Big Guns - End of Day 2 of Ultimate Slash Madness Tourney 2014

Round 1: Division: Rising Stars - End of Day 2 of Ultimate Slash Madness Tourney 2014

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